I’m Michael, the Green Party councillor for Dublin’s South West Inner City. I’ve been on the Council since May 2019, but have been active in the Greens since 2006. I’m the Green candidate in the area for the 2024 local elections.

I’m 36, living in Inchicore. I grew up in Dublin, but have also lived in Hanoi, Brussels and London.

I gave up my day job in 2021 to become a full-time councillor. I also lead the nine Green councillors on Dublin City Council.

Previously, I’ve worked for:

  • The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, on the economy and environment press desk
  • The Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation, as Head of Communications
  • Ciarán Cuffe, then Minister for Sustainable Transport and Planning
  • Friends of the Earth, campaigning for a clean, cheap, renewable energy system
  • The UK’s Trades Union Congress (TUC), fighting for a better deal for low-paid workers.

More info is on my LinkedIn page.

For transparency reasons, here’s a breakdown of my income, memberships, assets etc.

For reasons that aren’t entirely clear, I also run a very nerdy archive of Irish Election Manifestos.