The River Camac is one of the main tributaries to the Liffey, but carries a risk of flooding. In 2011, there was a particularly bad flood which submerged homes, caused huge damage, and leaves many residents in the area understandably concerned and often unable to access insurance.

The city council is working on a plan to minimise the risk of flooding, called the River Camac Flood Alleviation Scheme. The website for the project is here.

In April 2024, local councillors received a presentation on the works. You can see the full presentation document here, and you can rewatch the presentation and discussion here.

My own basic summary of this, based on the presenations is below:

  • A full study of 55km of the river and tributaries was done, which allows them to build a virtual model of how the river works and can flood.
  • To stop flooding in future, they considered over 80 various actions to take. These include things like large-scale water storage up stream, an improved forecasting system, new walls or embankments, or upgrading existing defences.
  • They are now finalising plans for an agreed approach, with a view to publishing their plans for a preferred final option to reduce flood risk as far as reasonably possible by the end of summer 2024..
  • This is a joint project by Dublin City Council, South Dublin County Council, and the Office of Public Works.