A court decision overturning approval for a supervised injection centre in Dublin will literally cost lives, local Green Party representatives have warned.

The medically supervised injection facility is planned for Merchant’s Quay in Dublin 8, and would offer a safe, secure space for people injecting heroin.

Like other facilities around the world, it aims to provide safety for those in addiction, while also reducing public injecting, overdoses, and needle dumping.

Green Party TD Patrick Costello and Green Party Councillor Michael Pidgeon, who both represent the area where the centre would be located, have criticised further delays to the centre.

Patrick Costello, TD for Dublin South-Central said:

“This delay will cost lives. These centres are proven to reduce overdoses and help stop the spread of needle-borne diseases.

“We are awaiting details on the court judgement, but the urgent need for this centre has not gone away. Whatever issues there are with this case, we need to work them out and ensure that this centre is operating as soon as possible.”

Michael Pidgeon, Councillor for the South West Inner City said:

“People in addiction are being denied basic safety once again. These centres save lives and any delay will cost them dearly.

“The surrounding area has big problems with public injecting and I am regularly contacted about dumped needles – often left in parks and play areas. This centre would hugely help with that problem, improving things for those in addiction and the wider area alike.

“I understand why people oppose this centre or its location: but this delay is not a solution for anybody. I worry that this decision will mean more years of inaction, public danger, and ultimately death.

“The legislation allowing these centres passed four years ago – it is beyond time to get this much-needed centre up and running.”