Press release: The ten Green Party members of Dublin City Council will vote in favour of new interim proposals to improve cycling infrastructure on the Liffey Quays.

The vote will take place on Monday evening in City Hall. The Green Party is the second-largest grouping on the council.

The Liffey Quay interim cycling proposals aim to improve cycling infrastructure along the city centre quays and could be completed by summer of this year.

Longer term proposals are not expected to be in place until 2024 at the earliest.

The Green Party will be calling on other parties and groupings on the Council to support the plans as a welcome stepping stone.

Green Party councillor for the North Inner City, Janet Horner, said:

“We’re really pleased to see this proposal brought forward. Cycling can be a quick win for the city and crucially, this trial is mere months away rather than years.

“We want to thank the city officials for heeding the calls from Councillors and residents of Dublin for action on this desperately needed route.

“Let’s get this passed and then get on with a full scheme for the core of our city.”

Green Party group leader on Dublin City Council and councillor for the South West Inner City, Michael Pidgeon, said:

“This isn’t just about making things safer for existing cyclists – it will help make cycling more attractive to people who curently don’t.

“But we need to go further, removing car traffic from as much of the quays as possible, and getting a properly segregated route which supports walking, public transport and cycling safely.

“We’ll be working with other parties to get as much support as possible for this. Councillors should secure this progress and move on to a proper, fully segregated route.”

The full report for the scheme is here.