I’m running for re-election to Dublin City Council next year – and I need your help!

Over the last 4 years I’ve fought for:

🚲Safe cycling
🏘️New-build homes
💶Progressive reforms to city tax policy
🌳Improved and expanded green spaces

These things are easily said, but only get done when councillors have clear aims and stand up to pressure. I want to keep at it!

Unfortunately campaigns aren’t cheap! In 2021, I quit my day job to concentrate full time on the council. It’s made me a better councillor, but means I need your donations to fund a successful election campaign.

If you share a vision for a greener Dublin, I would really appreciate your support in moving our city forward: you can donate here.

(And if you’d like to get involved in the campaign, there are lots of ways to help, so just give me a bell on 087 627 9290 or drop me an email on michael@pidgeon.ie !)