The Land Development Agency are applying to build 543 apartments in Dublin 8, on the site of the old St. Teresa’s Gardens. I’m very supportive of the application – as it will provide much needed housing supply, particularly in the social housing and cost rental sectors.

Below is the short and simple observation I sent in to An Bord Pleanála in February 2023.

Observation in support: LDA housing application ref: 315306

A chara,

I am writing as one of the area’s local councillors in support of the Land Development Agency’s application to build much-needed housing at the former St. Teresa’s Gardens, Donore Avenue, Dublin 8 (reference JA29S.315306).

The application in question is of extremely high quality, and is in line with the previous masterplan and recent development plan for the area. It is exactly the kind of development that we want to see in the city, providing a welcome increase in density on the site, which is close to the city centre and well established.

In particular, I welcome the high provision of one-bed units, which are clearly in strong demand in the city.

I would ask An Bord Pleanála to query if the applicant can add more dual aspect units to the development without significantly affecting the overall unit numbers.

The board should also ensure that strict conditions are attached to the development in respect of a construction management plan, as this will likely be a large site for some years. In particular, this should include:

  1. tight rules on covered loads and dust/dirt limiting measures,
  2. parking provided on site for builders to preserve local residential amenity, and
  3. the possibility of review of routes taken by heavy vehicles in the area, to ensure that the construction work’s disruption of the area is minimised.

Overall, I would ask the board to approve this application urgently to allow the LDA and Dublin City Council to begin construction.

Is mise,

Michael Pidgeon

Dublin City Councillor, South West Inner City