UPDATE: The Inchicore/St. Michael’s bottlebanks will be restored in the coming days, as they have found a way to accommodate them on a long-term basis.

Two bottlebanks in Dublin 8 have unfortunately been removed recently to allow for new developments.

The affected bottlebanks are the ones at Inchicore Sports Centre (at St. Michael’s Church) and at the site of the new Bridgefoot Street Park.

The council have had difficulty identifying new locations for the bottlebanks nearby – so I’m asking for ideas for possible locations nearby.

I’ve already put this call out on Twitter, but feel free to email me on michael@pidgeon.ie with any ideas.

The key criteria for a bottlebank location are:

  • 50m from any homes
  • 6m away from trees or overhead wires
  • on public land
  • easy to directly access by truck (no reversing needed)
  • where the crane/truck won’t block a path or cycle track

Here’s a list of current bottlebanks across Dublin City Council.

In the long run, another approach which might work are those brilliant underground facilties, which minimise noise/clutter. You can see a picture of them below.

Neat underground waste facilities in the Netherlands

The supporting infrastructure for those is expensive and will take time to develop, but I’ll try get the ball rolling!