Why precious market space shouldn’t be made into a Centra

Below is a planning observation against an application to convert space intended for a market to a Centra. The space is on Newmarket and Mill Street in the Liberties – previously where the Green Door Market was.

The site was redeveloped several years ago on condition that they had a market space – they are now looking to remove that condition and put in a Centra instead.

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Phoenix Park changes: good, bad and mixed

The government has just published their report into the consultation for mobility changes in the Phoenix Park.

I reckon it’s progress, but a mixed bag: there are some big wins, some bits which are hard to judge at this stage, and at least two decisions where they have clearly bottled it.

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The New South Circular Road Cycle Lane: ideas to improve

It’s finally coming! I’ve been pushing for a long time for some kind of cycle protection along the South Circular Road, running from Suir Road Luas stop to the Phoenix Park.

Last September I set out an idea for a two-way segregated cycle track, but after discussing in detail with a city engineer, it seems like it wasn’t possible.

They’ve since put together a new package of measures, which involve lane changes, bollards (hopefully later becoming something nicer to look at!), and removal of a slip road.

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Stations, bridges, and junctions – my submission to Dart+ South West

DART+ South West is a massive rail project which aims to hugely increase and electrify the capacity of the line coming from Celbridge/Hazelhatch into Dublin’s Heuston Station.

Consultation closes at 5pm on 23rd June 2021 here. Below are some of my main thoughts in answer to their questions. (If interested, here’s another great submission from Lauren Tuite.)

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Column: Why the left should support property taxes

Nobody likes paying tax, but I think most people understand that it’s necessary to pay for public services.

I’m in TheJournal.ie’s opinion section on why property tax makes sense – and why people on the left should support it.

You can read the full piece here: https://www.thejournal.ie/readme/local-property-tax-changes-2021-5455578-Jun2021/