Speech: 2020 shouldn’t be Dublin’s year of the tax cut

Dublin City Council cut local property tax as much as they could this year. I think that’s a mistake and voted for a modest increase. Here’s my speech on the night:

Idea: A Phoenix Park to Grand Canal Cycle Path

There’s nothing engineers hate more than politicians getting their crayons out to come up with a scheme. But I’ve had an idea all the same and would welcome thoughts! (I’m on michael@pidgeon.ie – or the Twitter discussion is here.)

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What needs to change in the Bailey Gibson proposal

Below is an observation I am submitting on the proposals for the Bailey Gibson site, from property developer Hines. As the site is so large, it is going directly to An Bord Pleanála, bypassing the Council. You can see the full plans here.

Note: Since initially publishing this post, I have updated the document with some suggestions from residents and people who got in touch via social media, in particular on offering some units for sale and for pointing me to improved bike parking national standards (point 6 below).

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