Rialto linear park: second phase to start in February

The second phase of work on the new linear park in Rialto (along St. James’ Walk) will start in the first week of February 2022. Works are expected to take about four months to complete.

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Approval for Supervised Injection facility “will save lives” – Greens

An Bord Pleanála have approved an application for a supervised injecting facility for Merchant’s Quay in Dublin 8 – a decision which has been welcomed by local Green Party representatives.

The injection facility provides a safe, supervised, medical space for people injecting drugs. There are over 90 in operation worldwide.

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New cycle route- Kilmainham to Thomas Street: my submission

There’s a new bike lane planned for Rialto: running from Suir Road all the way to Thomas Street. It’s one of the quick-build interim schemes that Dublin City Council are rolling out, which will eventually be followed up with a permanent scheme.

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100% Irish veg box: how it compares

Earlier this year I asked people for recommendations for a good veg box in Dublin 8. It can be a little hard to get clear info on what’s available, or what the value is like, so I wanted to share my experiences with them so far.

Especially given the cost of living at the moment, I’ve also done a price comparison on how it compares to a normal shop.

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Guinness Quarter plans: my submission

Diageo and Ballymore are applying for planning permission for a new development in the Liberties, with over 330 homes and a large amount of commercial space. I think it’s a mostly very positive development, and have sent in the submission below. You can check out the (extensive!) planning documents here.

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⛴️🚄How to travel from Dublin to London by ferry and rail

I’ve taken a lot of “sail rail” journeys, going to the UK and the continent via ferry and rail. It’s lower carbon, but it’s also very nice if you love trains and hate airports. It’s also very cheap – basically going anywhere in the UK with a rail line from Dublin for a max of €60.

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