College Green Plaza: the Green Party view

Dublin City has presented two options for how traffic should be managed in a future creation of a College Green Plaza. Option 3 allows 24 hour deliveries through the plaza – option 4 restricts them to before 11am (as with Grafton Street).

The ten Green Party councillors on Dublin City Council have made the below joint submission as part of the process. The inital answers respond to the direct questions on which option should be chosen.

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Phoenix Park car reduction plans would be “transformational”

New plans to reduce the number of cars in the Phoenix Park could be transformational”, local Green Party Councillor Michael Pidgeon has said.

The initial study, released by the OPW today (Monday), calls for a series of changes to road access and gate opening, as part of a wider package to improve walking, cycling and public transport in the park.

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Speech: 2020 shouldn’t be Dublin’s year of the tax cut

Dublin City Council cut local property tax as much as they could this year. I think that’s a mistake and voted for a modest increase. Here’s my speech on the night: