Charity ALONE are planning to build 43 new one-bed homes for the elderly in Inchicore. I’m very supportive of the new housing and have sent in the below planning observation.

Detailed plans are here. The deadline for observations was 17th October 2022, and Dublin City Council approved the project on the 9th of March 2023.

A chara,

I am writing in support of Alone’s planning application to build 43 social housing units for the elderly in Jamestown Court (ref: 4821/22). 

The increase in density on the site is welcome, which is well connected to public transport and the nearby canal walk.

As people get older, they may wish to downsize and have a more manageable space, but are often keen to remain in their existing area. This development will assist in that and I ask that the planning application is approved.

Is mise,

Michael Pidgeon

Green Party councillor for Dublin’s South West Inner City