Calmer streets: Making Dublin a better city for walking and cycling is one of my top priorities. The city needs to claw back road space from the private car and give more priority to public transport, walking and cycling. Those changes will be especially important for Dublin 8, most of which is within walking or cycling distance to the city centre.

Housing: Dublin simply needs more housing. I have consistently supported new social, private and public housing developments, often in the face of opposition. The city should work to crack down on full-time AirBnB lettings, penalise derelict units, and oppose overdevelopment of hotels, student accommodation, or co-living.

Open space: Dublin 8 is home to lots of young families, but for many kids, the only place to play is a car park. That isn’t right. You shouldn’t have to get a bus just to kick a ball around. The Liberties has the least green space of any area in Ireland. We need to ensure that we make great use of what we have, and expand where possible.

Making Dublin an open city: Much of Europe has drifted to the anti-migrant politics of the far right and there’s a real danger of that spreading here. Our city should stand up for clear, progressive, open, inclusive values.

A better public realm: Too many parts of our city are made ugly or less accessible thanks to careless design. Dublin should push to remove unnecessary poles, signs and street furniture, expand tree cover, and renew the fight against illegal dumping. Our city can be more than just concrete and utility boxes.