Kilmainham Mill has been saved. Dublin City Council has bought the site and recently finished stabilising the structure. A public consultation ran until 3rd November, asking for short feedback on what should the future use be.

The length of submissions was limited, so here is the short submission I put in:

I think the future of the Mill should be a mixed space, which is continuously open and accessible during the daytime.

A café or restaurant would be a good anchor for the site, bringing people in on a daily basis and giving the place a natural buzz even if there’s no event on.

I would like to see the courtyard surface improved and used for things like small markets, film screenings, etc.

If possible, a publicly available community meeting room would be good, and if there is some way to use the upper rooms for some kind of continuation of the crafts/textile heritage of the site, that would be great.

In terms of the wider residential area, I think ensuring that the site isn’t regularly too loud would also be an important caveat.